Pileated Woodpecker after flying into a plate glass window from Richard Atkinson on Vimeo.

This pileated woodpecker flew into a plate glass window where I was staying while in Michigan taking photographs of a few of the lighthouses. When I walked outside, he was on his back not moving. I picked him up and could tell that he was still alive and just stunned. He started holding his head up so I knew that he had not broken his neck. I rubbed a finger over his head and down his back and talked to him in what I hoped was a soothing voice for a woodpecker. He started moving some on his on and I kept trying to perch him on my finger. After awhile he got the knack of it and stood on my finger but was very unbalanced. I kept talking with him and would bounce my hand a little trying to get him to take off. After about 10 minutes he final took to the air. He tried to land on a limb but wasn’t quite up to it so he flew around a little more until he looked like he was getting his bearings and then flew to the nearby woods. I think that he will make it just fine. …at least I really hope that he does.