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This is a follow-up on my original Shetland Pony Photographers Blog from yesterday.

This gets more amazing with each passing day since I began looking into Shetland Pony Photographers.

Last night I receive a great message letting me know that I was tagged in another Facebook post and it mentioned me. It concerned the photo of me on the Shetland Pony taken in Liberty Homes, North Charleston, South Carolina in 1947. I have to tell you that the person who wrote me was a long time friend from St. Paul’s High School, Hollywood, South Carolina, named Theron McCants. My  family had moved out into the country next to the Toogoodoo River near Meggett, South Carolina while I was in the tenth grade. That was a major change because I had transferred from North Charleston High where I was one of about 2000-2500 students with a class size that numbered well into the hundreds. St. Pauls had 276 students in the entire school 8-12 grades and there were 40 students in my class at the time of graduation – and Theron and I were two of them.

Here it is 69 years after the photo of me on the pony was taken and I get a message telling me that a friend had sat on the same horse three years before me and 14 years before we met for the very first time. Just goes to show that it was a small world even back then. The back story to all this is that this took place during and just after the end of World War II. Liberty Homes was built to provide housing for married defense workers during and just after the war. It turns out that Theron’s dad also worked for the Charleston Naval Shipyard like mine did. We had moved to North Charleston from Brunswick, Georgia in the summer of 1944. His dad went on to bigger and better things and moved to the Ravenel, South Carolina area during the late 1940’s where they remained and where I became friends with Theron when we moved there in 1959. Theron had gone directly to the Ravenel are, but we had several other homes before we got there after having left Liberty Homes in 1949.

At any rate, to cut to the Chase, here is the photo that Theron sent me of the Shetland Pony he had his photo taken on in 1944. …and to make it easy to compare I am re-posting my photo as well along side the one of Theron. I want to thank Theron for allowing me to use his photo.

Theron is on the left and his photograph was taken in 1944 in Liberty Homes. My image is to the right and it was taken in Liberty Homes as well, but three years later, in 1947. Both photographs taken three years apart feature the same Shetland Pony and tackle. The two photographs were taken 14 years and 11 years respectively before Theron and I actually met. …and then another 69 years before we realized that we both had a mutual friend in the form of an unnamed Shetland Pony.


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